In California, “Wrongful Termination” can mean many things. Within the employment spectrum, this can include any termination that is illegal under state or federal law or that violates California's “public policy” and/or terminations which courts have ruled are an illegal basis for termination.

Here are just a few scenarios that may qualify a termination of employment as “wrongful”:

  • You were terminated for complaining about something or someone at work;
  • You were terminated for complaining to a third party about your employer – for example, filing a claim against your employer with the Labor Board or the DFEH or EEOC;
  • You were terminated for refusing to participate in an illegal activity;
  • You were terminated for engaging in a “protected activity,” i.e. doing something California or federal law gives you the right to do – for example offering your support and/or belonging to a particular political or activist group; or
  • The reasons you were given for your termination appear to be a “cover up” for another reason.

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