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Ms. Kent earned a Bachelor of Music degree in Oboe Performance in 1994 from the University of California, Irvine and continued on to earn a Master of Fine Arts degree as one of the UC Irvine Chancellor’s Fellowship recipients in 1996. Ms. Kent has performed as a professional oboist for over 20 years in both the Hollywood film and television recording industry as well as in live performance on stages all over Southern California.

In 2006, Ms. Kent graduated from Whittier College School of Law where she was also awarded an Intellectual Property Law Certificate. Ms. Kent served as a Federal Judicial Extern to the Honorable Stephen G. Larson, Central District, Riverside, California in the summer of 2004 and worked as a law clerk to Judge Nho Trong Nguyen, West Justice Center, Westminster, California in 2005.

Price Kent’s practice focuses in the areas of Labor & Employment and Contract related matters, and has extensive experience in both transactions and civil litigation.

Ms. Kent’s litigation background includes experience as lead trial counsel representing Plaintiffs and Defendants in employment-related matters including wrongful termination, wage and hour violations, employment discrimination (gender, age, race, religion, disability, and perceived disability), sexual harassment, hostile work environment, and pregnancy discrimination. Ms. Kent also serves as lead counsel in other areas of civil litigation including breach of contract, business and common law torts and financial elder abuse, and has worked on successful writs and appeals in these areas both in California and before the Ninth Circuit.

Ms. Kent has provided preventive legal counsel to businesses on a wide variety of Human Resources issues, Business-related contracts and has successfully negotiated Music Licenses with EMI Music Publishing, Cherry Lane, and Warner Chappell Music Publishing, assisted clients in acquiring the necessary registrations to protect their intellectual property in both Copyright and Trademark and represented clients in contract negotiations in both the film and television industry.

Ms. Kent is licensed to practice before all courts in the State of California and the United States District Court in the Central District of California. Ms. Kent is a member of the California State Bar, Orange County Bar Association, Orange County Women Lawyers Association,  American Bar Association, UCI Alumni Association and is former President of the Whittier Law School Alumni Association.

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The Law Office of Price Kent shares the entrepreneurial spirit that drives industry professionals, successful producers and businesses.


When executing a contract, the parties expect that the other will honor the terms of the agreement. However, when a dispute arises as the result of one or more parties failure to perform you want an experienced attorney to protect your interests and assist you in resolving the matter with the best possible outcome.

At LOPK we represent businesses and individuals in a wide range of contract matters. We work together with our clients to resolve the issues as expeditiously as possible so that they can move on with their businesses and their lives.

If you have entered into a binding contract where the other party failed to honor the terms of the agreement, we can assist you in recovering the losses you incurred in addition to any other remedies that may be available either by statute or as provided in the terms of your agreement.

We have the experience, knowledge and resources to represent you in matters related to:

Partnership disputes
Payment and Collection of Debt
Business Tort Claims
Employment Agreements
Severance Agreements
Unfair Competition
Non-Compete Agreements
Non-Disclsoure/Non-Circumvent Agreements


For most, the internet has revolutionized our way of life and how we do business.  Unfortunately, the freedom the internet offers is often abused by ill-intentioned users who seek to use it as an anonymous platform for malicious and defamatory remarks.
These “anonymous” and defamatory posts can destroy a business or professional career or lead to the cancellation of a business deal and/or decrease in stock value for some companies.
Many businesses, executives, entertainers, professionals and entrepreneurs have suffered anonymous attacks on their reputation and goodwill from defamatory remarks posted on rating websites, social networks and public message boards.  Often times, individuals who post damaging content online mistakenly believe that their internet anonymity is a free speech right, or that it shields them from prosecution.  This is not the case.
At LOPK, we are dedicated to bringing perpetrators of internet defamation to justice and obtaining removal of defamatory online content.
In certain cases, a cease-and-desist letter will convince the website owner or poster to remove the defamatory content voluntarily.  Nevertheless, a defamation lawsuit may be necessary to identify your cyber-stalker, obtain monetary damages, and the removal of the defamatory content from the internet.
If you feel you are the victim of internet defamation, we invite you to call or email us to learn more about how we can assist you in obtaining justice against your cyber-stalker(s) and ways in which the damaging content may be permanently removed.

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Professional & Thorough

State and federal laws prohibit discrimination or harassment based upon sex, age, race, disability, religion, sexual orientation, veteran status, ancestry, or even having a hostile work environment.
In California, the Fair Employment and Housing Act (“FEHA”) prohibits both housing and employment discrimination, harassment and retaliation based upon race, religious creed, color, national origin, ancestry, physical disability (including AIDS and HIV), mental disability, medical condition, marital status, sex (including pregnancy, childbirth, or related medical conditions), age (40 or older), or sexual orientation(heterosexuality, homosexuality, and bisexuality).  The prohibition includes a perception that the person has any of those characteristics or that the person is associated with a person who has, or is perceived to have, any of those characteristics. Physical and mental impairment includes conditions that are disabling, potentially disabling, or perceived as disabling.
Additionally, it is unlawful under the FEHA to refuse to grant a female employee up to four months of pregnancy disability leave.  The California Family Rights Act (CFRA) (Gov. Code, § 12945.2) added provisions to the FEHA to provide up to 12 workweeks leave for the reason of the birth of a child of the employee, the placement or adoption of a child by the employee, the serious health condition of the child, parent, spouse, or the employee.
The FEHA also protects employees and contract workers from harassment on any of the prohibited bases in the work place.  Harassment because of sex includes sexual harassment, gender harassment, same-sex harassment, and harassment based on pregnancy.  Sexual harassment may be “quid pro quo,” involving situations where the victim’s submission to sexual advances or conduct is made a condition of an employment benefit, or it may create a “hostile work environment,” which deprives the employee of a discrimination-free work environment.
At LOPK, we celebrate diversity and are dedicated to protecting the rights of employees and ensuring that each of our business clients implement and enforce the proper policies and procedures to honor and protect those rights throughout  Southern California.
We are well versed in handling employment legal challenges from both the plaintiff’s and defendant’s perspective and ranging from an employers’ need for in-house counseling to courtroom litigation in alleging and or following charges of discrimination and harassment.
We welcome the opportunity to assist you in your concerns and needs regarding this area of law and invite you to call or email us to discuss how we can be of assistance now and in the future.


Expert Guidance

At LOPK, we counsel clients in preventive legal solutions that allow our clients to achieve their business goals together with the confidence that they can provide their current and future employees a collaborative workplace where they can grow and prosper together free from discrimination and/or harassment.

Our services include counsel regarding a range of employer/employee relationship issues that include:

Employee Handbooks
Hiring/Firing Policies
Employment Agreements
Severance Pay
Labor Code
Sexual Harassment Policies
Hostile Work Environment
FMLA and Pregnancy Leave Policies
Social Networking Policies
Disability Accommodations

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