For most, the internet has revolutionized our way of life and how we do business.  Unfortunately, the freedom the internet offers is often abused by ill-intentioned users who seek to use it as an anonymous platform for malicious and defamatory remarks.

These “anonymous” and defamatory posts can destroy a business or professional career or lead to the cancellation of a business deal and/or decrease in stock value for some companies.

Many businesses, executives, entertainers, professionals and entrepreneurs have suffered anonymous attacks on their reputation and goodwill from defamatory remarks posted on rating websites, social networks and public message boards.  Often times, individuals who post damaging content online mistakenly believe that their internet anonymity is a free speech right, or that it shields them from prosecution.  This is not the case.

At LOPK, we are dedicated to bringing perpetrators of internet defamation to justice and obtaining removal of defamatory online content.

In certain cases, a cease-and-desist letter will convince the website owner or poster to remove the defamatory content voluntarily.  Nevertheless, a defamation lawsuit may be necessary to identify your cyber-stalker, obtain monetary damages, and the removal of the defamatory content from the internet.

If you feel you are the victim of internet defamation, we invite you to call us at 949-733-0640 or email us to learn more about how we can assist you in obtaining justice against your cyber-stalker(s) and ways in which the damaging content may be permanently removed.